Coming in August 2024, DDXA members are activating the 18th most wanted Entity: Jarvis Island NWR. See our Jarvis page.

See our Jarvis page.

Coming in November 2024 DDXA members are activating S9, Sao Tome & Principe. Check out our first press release here:

The Dateline DX Association operated from  Svalbard as JW0A from 19 September to 16 September 2022 making 13,343 QSOs.

AA4NN, HI8RD, K4NHW, N4HU, N4XP, W6IZT, W8HC, WB4JTT and YV5EED made up the team running 3 stations from this difficult polar location. 

QSL: via K4NHW.

Since 1995 members of the Dateline DX Association have traveled the world to bring you new countries. At the same time we have advanced the art of DX by introducing the FT8 Fox/Hound mode and the recently announced RIB (Rig in a box).